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Web Design
We build attractive websites that our clients can't help but love and their customers want to use. When we create your website, we will also work with you to solve any type of business problem you might be facing. You may probably need more traffic, conversion rate or sale, or you may need all the three. No worries, with John & Gavin we will collaborate with you to make it happen
We build beautiful websites that provide amazing user experience and look very great on different types of devices: tablets, smartphones, TVs, desktops and much more.
The process of building a successful website entails putting the interest of your clients at the heart of the process. We will ask, listen and learn as much as we can to know about the sort of people that will be using your website and what they will actually need from it. Amazing user's experience matter to the people.
By listening to our customers cautiously, we will learn and understand what both our clients and their client’s needs. This is the element we will use to build your website. Our deep knowledge of your business will enable us to create the right website for your clients and your business and in the process put them in the inner center of the procedure.
Our first step in the design process is to collect the detailed content of the website before the process begins. This will enable us to design your website to perfectly suit your requirement, what you want it to say and how it should be said.
Once we have a thorough knowledge of your need and the content, then we will create a simple mock up page which we call the wireframe. This will provide us with the avenue to test the functionality and how appropriate it is for what the user want to do. We will begin the design process only when we know you are absolutely happy with our ideas
We will create your website using a content management system or code. Every element is combined together and rigorously tested to be sure they work smoothly, then we will launch.
Our website is built with Joomla and WordPress platforms, depending on the type of functionality you specify
Don't just listen to how good our work is, let’s help you bring your project into life. Talk to us today.

Web development
Our website development skills will add great value to your business. It is not always common coming across beautifully created websites that are as well technically sound. Our websites are designed to be unique. Through creative design, we will provide your clients a reason to want to explore your website from the beginning to the last page.
Whether we create corporate websites or maybe it is social media and branding master plans, we ensure that our visual solution is functional, innovative, technically sound and fresh. Functionality is an essential element to our web designs and sound technology is one element that makes it truly valuable.
Our website development services cater for simple and complex business needs. When building our websites, we make use of only the most recent technology making sure your site is correctly displayed to all viewers. We first study our customer's targetted market and then evaluate the competition within so as to develop a sound strategy that will perfectly suit your business and objectives. Our web development services include

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Mobile app development
Mobile computing is growing every day, offering massive gains for early adopters like, tourism, healthcare, brand engagement, field workforce, service, events, and sales. Visitors mostly visit most websites and web apps using their mobile devices, this simply means if you are yet to adopt web app off if your website or web app doesn't work on mobile, then it is very bad for your business.
When you use John and Gavin be rest assured of the best. Our mobile apps are built with a single philosophy in mind, we strongly believe that information in the right hand provides adequate power to change. We pride ourselves in creating breathtaking apps that users will love to use and will create great value for our clients. We specialize in bespoke mobile application development that simply put your users first and deliver awesome digital experiences.
We recognize that technology is in a state of consistent evolution in this digital age and it is simply our joy to help most businesses navigate this constantly changing landscapes and assist in plotting a path for each business to grow and succeed. We are professionals and we are proficient in smooth porting of your website to a mobile responsive site which is very much suitable for smartphones, desktops, and tablets.
Our user-centered procedure to mobile application development simply means we develop friendlier and smarter ways for every individual to engage with technology. Our mobile application development service cater for;

SEO Service
Search Engine Optimization is a complex procedure that requires a wide range of detailed methodology and analysis. It has a very great impact on the success or failure of a website and business. Ranking on the top of Google for keywords that most clients in your industry search for can greatly deliver consistent traffic and constant sales.
A well worked Search Engine Optimization campaign will work to significantly increase keyword positions and traffic from Google but it will also focus on increasing the enquiries and the sales through your website, so if you are on the lookout for increased visitors for your website and you are not sure of what you need to do about it, You need to get John and Gavin
Our SEO campaigns are nothing but exceptional, we can assure you of increased website ranking on Google Search Engine for a broad range of relevant keywords which are related to your business. With the help of our SEO campaign, Business Analyst experts, Social Marketer experts and web designers, your website will be nothing but a success story in every search engines with high-quality SEO from John and Gavin.
Search Engine Optimization is clearly the difference between success and failure. The end result of our SEO campaigns is an increase traffic, inquiries, and sales. We will utilize conversion rate optimization techniques to remove less worthy keywords and refine your site's sale funnel till it transforms traffic into inquiries and inquiries into sales.

Social Media Marketing
There is no ignoring the effective importance of social media marketing for all businesses of all sizes. It has become a very important part of online marketing strategy. This is due to its cost-effectiveness and its undeniable ability to reach targeted audience as well as generate leads and sales. Social Media Marketing is very much a "must have" element for any business looking for an easy way to compete in the fierce marketplace just like online videos.
Social Media Marketing is real and very much achievable if you seek the guidance of a professional social media marketers. It is an important and accessible tool that enables you to inform your target customers about your services or products and who you are as a company. Social Media Marketing also enables you to build a solid relationship with your clients who probably doesn't know about your service or products or what you represent as a company.
One of the greatest mistakes most companies makes when going through the process of marketing their business on social media is doing it on their own. Fine, you may think that because you have a personal Facebook or twitter account, or maybe you know your way around. This is one common mistake made by most solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you are not trained in the field then don't make the mistake. Instead, consult the help of a professional social media marketer who can ensure your social media campaign is successful.
This is where we come in, we will assist you in developing a social strategy that works based on your end goals. Either you have in-house marketing teams who only just need guidance or you may probably need help in building your social media presence from the scratch. We will assist you. John and Gavin will help you find the perfect approach.

Web Hosting
Are you a start-up company looking to build a website to showcase your service or product online? Or maybe you are a long-standing company looking to establish an online presence? Either way, if you are nervy much a rookie to the world of building websites then what web hosting means will be a little strange? Web hosting is a service that enables your website to be visible and available to your clients at all time.
The general intention of every website is to be viewed by everyone using the internet and in order for this to be achievable, your website needs to be running and working on a computer connected to the internet 24/7. It is possible to host your website yourself but only a few people can do this which is down to some reasons.
First, if you want to host your website, you will need to have the necessary equipment which includes a web server and secondly, you will need a permanent internet connection. You will also need to possess the web administration skills e.g the ability to configure and manage a web server as well as the knowledge of firewalls, patch management, and virus protection, Also, your may be denied such usage by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Using a third a party who will be able to monitor your website is a better option even if you have all the equipment and skill needed. There are lots of benefits when you use a web-hosting provider with the reputation of John and Gavin. We also make sure we give our utmost support which means you don't have to worry whenever you encounter an issue or any problem with your website.
We will make sure that the procedure is as painless as possible, take the bold step now, get on the phone and call us at the moment.

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