Our Approach

Our Approach
From the initial concept to deployment and beyond, we will stay with you every step all through the way.

Research and Planning
Research and planning is a crucial factor in creating an effective website. You have to plan, research, research, and plan and it all start with you. No one knows your business more like you do. First, we start by taking the time to thoroughly understand your business and your objectives, your clients, their behavior and expectations and how possibly your website factors into it all.
Our strategy is driven by your goals and keeping your customers in mind, it focuses on them because they are the most important people. We will also observe the competitive landscape in order to setup a context and standard for how your website should operate and then we improve on that.
This crucial stage provides us with the solid foundation to move forward with just the perfect recommendation for your new website design and development.

Wire framing
A representation of how the page layout and your website content will look like without the finished visuals. We see this phase as a crucial stage for any project because it allows us to thoroughly explore multitude ways visuals elements and contents are presented. This procedure ensures a properly considered user's journey which in turn makes it easy and ensures the user goals of the site are duly met.

Responsive Development
Lightweight, clean and semantic codes are written and in the process, we turn the signed off flat visuals into a perfectly working website. To ensure that the website is mobile friendly, the layer of CSS code are the applied. This will either be the form of fluid responsive or an adaptive website which will enable your website to shrink, enlarge, hide, resize or move content to give the optimal viewing experience for all your website users.
Also, server-side development will be undertaken alongside the front-end coding to integrate e-commerce platform or the CMS. At this point, any bespoke functionality, advanced configurations or content migration outlined within the specification will then be finalized.

Immediately after the building process, the website will then be put through rigorous browser test to make sure it consistently display displays on every modern browsers and device. Also, before the website is deployed, any redirecting of URLs and scheduled user testing will take place.

Support and Aftercare
We can also provide assistance in the development of your web site and as well, provide SEO service to make sure your site fits organically within a comprehensive online strategy. Monthly Analytics reports on your website on Google can also be established in order to help in fine-tuning the minor traffic and the conversion rates.

Client Support
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