Why website becoming the essential tool in business?

Why website becoming the essential tool in business?

First question you will ask yourself while starting new business is whether your business needs a website and how much you should spend on it? Answer is big,YES. Internet is became a great channel to promote a business. A big amount of people are using the internet like social media websites(facebook, twitter) and its easy to reach to them with a good website. This age is becoming more and more dependent on the internet, everybody want to search the google, yahoo to find their favorite shop near by to get a quality products in reasonable price, so if your business lack online presence you are far behind the race, even you are providing quality services, but if you dn't have good website, you are missing big amount of customers. People usually promote their business on social media like facebook, it works for some extent but on social media pages have limited functionality like you can't sell on it, not able to accept online payments, can't customize the skins to match your business but if you have website, you can customize it with good look and feel that you like . Following are benefits of the website.

  • 1. A good website attracts more customer. It gives great impression to customers, they will treat you better because online presence means you are making efforts to reach to your customers, which brings more faith in customers.
  • 2. You can put products details in your website and need to explain it over and over to your customers, which saves a lot of your time and resources.
  • 3. With small efforts in making your site seo friendly, you can fetch more customers from the web.

How much you should spend on the website?

This is total depends upon the competition you have are facing in your category. But your website is reflection of your business and its one time investment so put something that you can be honor to own. Website charges started from 100$ to several thousands dollars. Features you need in the website also affects the cost of the website. More complex website you need more cost you have to pay for it e.g if you need a website which can sell online and can accept payment online then you have to definitely pay extra dollars to include these features in your website. After your website is created, next step is to host it to reliable server. In these days hosting service are very much affordable. You can start your website 10$ per month. After sometime when you feel that your daily visitors are increasing and your current hosting is not able to handle it, then, you can shift your site to better hosting. There are some companies which are doing really good in these areas and John and Gavin is one of the best among those.

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